A Brief Introduction to the Diocese of Liverpool

The Archdiocese of Leeds has 214 churches (as of 2007). The cathedral is in Liverpool and is dedicated to Christ the King.The Diocese of Liverpool was founded on 29th September 1850, and elevated to become an archdiocese on 28th October 1911. It consists of the county of Lancashire south of the Ribble, parts of Merseyside, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, and the Isle of Man. It is the Metropolitan diocese in Province of Liverpool.

Liverpool cathedral is one of the most recognised churches in the country, but the original design by Sir Edwin Lutyens would have created one of the largest churches in the world; costs and the Second World War prevented its construction. Liverpool has always been the most populous Catholic diocese in England, but is also the smallest in terms of area, giving a particularly high concentration of churches.

The diocesan website is here.

The Taking Stock review for Liverpool was completed in 2008.