A Brief Introduction to the Diocese of Lancaster

The Diocese of Lancaster has 137 churches (as of 2005). The cathedral is in Lancaster and is dedicated to St Peter.The Diocese of Lancaster was founded on 22nd November 1924. It consists of the historic counties of Lancashire north  of  the  Ribble  and  the counties of Cumberland and Westmoreland. It is a suffragan diocese in Province of Liverpool, and is subject to the Archdiocese of Liverpool.

This Taking Stock review was the first to be undertaken. Lancaster is home to much Catholic heritage, in particular the area was resistant to the changes and during the English Reformation in the sixteenth century, and Catholicism was resiliently kept alive here in subsequent centuries. After the Relief and Emancipation Acts, the Catholic faith was more openly expressed, with Pugin’s church at Kirkham reputedly having the first peal of bells in a Catholic church since the Reformation.

The diocesan website is here.

The Taking Stock review for Lancaster was completed in 2005, and was the first of these review to be completed.