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Refugee Life Jackets on the Thames - 1200-800

Refugee Life Jackets on the Thames - 1200-800

Abide in Me

CSAN recently produced a report entitled Abide in Me which offers a national framework for renewed Catholic social action in relation to housing and planning.

18/12/2018 12:00 pm

Installation of the Bishop of the Forces

We've had Ordinations but also an Installation this year. Bishop Paul Mason was installed as Catholic Bishop of the Forces in 2018. That's the theme we've taken for today's Advent Calendar image.

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Catholic Education in England and Wales

The Catholic Church was arguably the first provider of schools and universities in England. In 1905 the Catholic Education Council was established as the overarching organisation to promote Catholic Education in England and Wales on behalf of the Catholic Bishops (this later became the Catholic Education Service).

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19/12/2018 12:00 pm

Red Wednesday

Christian persecution was under the spotlight just before Advent on Red Wednesday. Today's Advent Calendar image was taken just outside Westminster Cathedral. This is the only image in our calendar that is a colour image. The red light shines powerfully.

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Introduction: Community Sponsorship

A brief introductory leaflet to the Community Sponsorship Scheme

23/01/2018 2:06 pm

Background to the Sponsorship Scheme

The Community Sponsorship Scheme is a government-backed initiative that enables community groups - including the Catholic Church, its agencies and charities - to take on the role of supporting resettled refugees in the UK. 

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21/12/2018 12:00 pm

March for Life

This year a vibrant and colourful 'March for Life' took place in central London to celebrate life from conception to natural end. It was organised by March For Life UK and is the subject of today's Advent Calendar image.

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