Arundel and Brighton

The Diocese of Arundel and Brighton was created in 1965, taking areas that were formerly part of the Archdiocese of Southwark. The cathedral is in Arundel, and is dedicated to Our Lady and St Philip Howard. The diocese has 140 churches (as of 2005), 81 of which were visited for Taking Stock.



Crawley – St Theodore of Canterbury

A simple, well-proportioned, building but of no special architectural distinction.A simple cruck-built church with... Read More

Crowborough – St Mary Mother of Christ

Apart from the little tower and spire the church has little architectural pretension.  St Mary Mother of Christ... Read More

Dorking – St Joseph

One of the many churches designed by the prolific Catholic architect Frederick A. Walters. Had the building been... Read More

Duncton – St Anthony and St George

A very good rural church built from designs by Gilbert Blount for the Biddulph family of Burton Park. Well constructed... Read More

East Grinstead – Our Lady and St Peter

An individual, if a little austere, neo-Romanesque church by Frederick Walters, composed to give a sense of mass and... Read More

East Wittering – St Peter

A modest brick church originally built in 1938, notable for glass by Gabriel Loire.Gabled, simple rectangular plan... Read More

Eastbourne – Our Lady of Ransom

A substantial Gothic church of the 1890s by F. A. Walters, with landmark tower and short spire.The foundation stone... Read More

Eastbourne – St Agnes

St Agnes is fairly typical of an inexpensive early twentieth century brick town church. It serves its purpose well but... Read More

Eastbourne – St Gregory

A modern design incorporating Buckfast glass. A timber church was provided in 1934 at a cost of £1,000. This still... Read More

Eastbourne (Polegate) – St George

A simple and unexceptional building, though in the local context it is of some merit, being constructed of local flint... Read More

Effingham – Our Lady of Sorrows

A nicely composed and well detailed, traditional, building of some architectural quality. The font is an important... Read More

Englefield Green – The Assumption of Our Lady

A good many churches were being built in the Romanesque style in the 1930s, but Goldie’s church is better composed... Read More

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