Hexham and Newcastle

The Diocese of Hexham was founded on 29 September 1850, becoming the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle in 1861. Today it covers the counties of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham, and the part of Cleveland north of the River Tees. The cathedral is in Newcastle, and is dedicated to St Mary. 179 churches were visited for Taking Stock (2012).

Billingham – St John the Evangelist

A modest example post-war church by the prolific Thomas Crawford, built next to the 1930 presbytery. The... Read More

Billingham – St Joseph

A prefabricated polygonal structure of the 1970s, with laminated timber frame. The seating came from Pugin &... Read More

Birtley – St Joseph

Birtley is one of the oldest Catholic missions in County Durham, dating from the late seventeenth century. From its... Read More

Bishop Auckland – St Mary

A brick-faced, reinforced concrete church of the 1950s, traditional in plan. The church has a light and welcoming... Read More

Bishop Auckland – St Paulinus

A cheaply-built church and hall of the 1950s, incorporating a stone-built early Victorian building, possibly a... Read More

Bishop Auckland – St Wilfrid

A stone-built Gothic church from the early days of the resurgence of Catholic church-building in the 1840s, with later... Read More

Blackhall – St Joseph

A very simple church of the 1950s, replacing an earlier church on a different site, with a modern hall addition of... Read More

Blackhill – Our Blessed Lady Immaculate

A large Gothic Revival church and the earliest church by A.M. Dunn, a prominent Catholic architect of the North East.... Read More

Blaydon – St Mary and St Thomas Aquinas

An early Catholic church building with a castellated villa-like presbytery concealing the church behind; a curious... Read More

Blaydon-on-Tyne – St Joseph

A large and strikingly-sited early twentieth century Gothic Revival church by Charles Walker of Newcastle, with an... Read More

Blyth – Our Lady and St Wilfrid

A large, but well massed church built for the Benedictines from designs by A.M. Dunn. The large expanse of continuous... Read More

Brooms – Our Blessed Lady and St Joseph

A large Victorian church by E.W. Pugin, replacing a late eighteenth-century chapel (now the sacristy). The presbytery... Read More

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