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Aigburth – St Thomas More

Rundle Road, Aigburth, Liverpool 17

This  modest  church  has  a  welcoming  interior,  but  is  not  of  special architectural or historic interest.

Erected c.1900 as a Baptist hall, it was adapted for worship when the Baptists abandoned  the  scheme  for  a  larger  church.  In  1964  it  was  acquired  by  the Archdiocese and converted to a Catholic church.

This small church dating from c. 1900 is built of red Ruabon brick with a slate roof, and consists of a nave running parallel with the road, a porch with short tower over, and a hall set at ninety degrees with a gable frontage. At the east end is a small extension containing meeting rooms. A former yard area at the rear has been roofed over to serve as a sacristy.

The worship space is a simple cube with the altar set on a dais and nine rows of pews. There is a large folding timber screen between the worship space and the hall, which is original to the building and can be opened up to provide additional seating for Mass. The interior was reordered in the 1980s with new furnishings.

Heritage Details

Architect: R. Owens and Son

Original Date: 1900

Conservation Area: Yes

Listed Grade: Not Listed