Hexham and Newcastle

The Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle has 179 churches (as of 2012). The cathedral is in Newcastle  and is dedicated to St Mary. The Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle was founded on 29 September 1850, and was called the Diocese of Hexham until 1861. It covers the counties of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham, and the part of Cleveland north of the River Tees.

+Newcastle-upon-Tyne – Cathedral Church of St Mary

The cathedral church of the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle, built from designs by A. W. Pugin as a ‘large... Read More

Alnwick – St Paul

A mid-nineteenth century church by Anthony Salvin, acquired for Catholic use in the 1980s. As the Church of... Read More

Amble – Sacred Heart and St Cuthbert

A useful building that has been expanded and embellished over the years, but with modest architectural interest and... Read More

Annfield Plain – St Teresa

A plain brick church with attached presbytery, both of 1953. The church was extended in 1972. The parish was... Read More

Annitsford – St John the Baptist

A remarkable interpretation of a French Rayonnant church in English architectural dress. The interior is tall and... Read More

Ashington – St Aidan

An early twentieth century church built by the Benedictines, from designs by Charles Walker. Although economically... Read More

Backworth – Our Lady and St Edmund

A modest basilican design of the post-war years. Backworth was a significant coal-mining community with farms... Read More

Bedlington – St Bede

A notable church design of the 1990s, with an impressive interior with some dramatic lighting focussing on key... Read More

Bellingham – St Oswald

The church dates from 1839, the Catholic mission from 1794. The church is a lancet Gothic design by Ignatius Bonomi... Read More

Bells Close, Newcastle-upon-Tyne – St George

The church was donated by the local landowner, and was commissioned from a distinguished firm of architects who worked... Read More

Benton – St Aidan

The church is a modest structure, built as a parish hall in 1963. It lies within the medieval village, which by the... Read More

Berwick-upon-Tweed – Our Lady and St Curthbert

An architecturally modest church externally, which demonstrates the history of Roman Catholicism in Berwick by being... Read More

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