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Aylesbury – The Guardian Angels

Southcourt, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

1960s  portal  framed  church  built  to  serve  a  large  post-war  housing estate. Not of special architectural or historical interest.

The  church  was  built  to  serve  the  large  post-war  Southcourt  estate,  south  of Aylesbury. The parish hall was opened first, in June 1963, when it doubled up as a Mass  centre. Work began  on  the  church  in January  1967,  and  by 1  October  the building  was  in  use.  The  architect  was  M.  J.  Plester  (assistant  in  charge  B.L. Westbury) and the contractors were Crendon Industrial Buildings Ltd of Long Crendon. Much of the work was done using voluntary labour. 

The building is of concrete portal frame construction, clad in randomly coursed reconstituted stone or concrete blocks. It has a shallow pitched roof and recessed bays with tall narrow windows and blue panels below. There is a flat hood over the entrance. The building widens at the east end, with splayed rear-lit bays, a la Spence at Coventry Cathedral. The external wall of the sanctuary is braced by clasping steel buttresses.

The interior has not been inspected. Two older stained glass windows are set into the wall over the sanctuary; their provenance has not been established.

Heritage Details

Architect: M. J. Plester ARIBA

Original Date: 1964

Conservation Area: Yes

Listed Grade: Not Listed