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Banstead – St Ann

4 Brighton Rd, Banstead, Surrey SM7 1BS

St Ann’s Church is an unpretentious but serviceable building.  

Prior to the construction of this church the parish worshipped in a temporary hut. The present church, designed by C W Glover and Partners, was erected on the same site in 1950.  Five years later the apsidal sanctuary was replaced with a square one designed by the architect Justin H Alleyn.  In 1960 the organ loft was added to the building, while the following decade saw the construction of the present porch by W F J Nicholson. 

The church stands on rising ground, screened by trees from the noise of the four lane Brighton Road.  It is a simple rectangular structure, built in brick with paired lancet windows and a tiled roof.  An extension has been built adjacent to the east end of the church making the overall shape of the building into an L. 

Heritage Details

Architect: C W Glover & Ptnrs; Justin Alleyne; W F J Nicholson.

Original Date: 1950

Conservation Area: Yes

Listed Grade: Not Listed