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Benfleet – Holy Family

High Road, South Benfleet, Essex SS7

A simple but boldly-designed modern church of the mid-1970s. The addition of a large modern hall on one side has considerably altered the appearance of the original design.

A Mass centre was established in Benfleet in 1927, served initially from Leigh-on-Sea. The first church (subsequently used as a hall) was opened in September 1949. A proposal for a new church was put forward in 1965 and designs were prepared by Burles, Newton & Partners, but the project was abandoned.  The present church was built in 1975-76, also from designs by Burles and Newton. It has subsequently been enlarged with a new parish hall.


The church is in a simple modern style and is basically a square on plan with virtually windowless external walls of buff brick enlivened by three stub-sided towers and with a monopitch roof overall covered with concrete tiles.  Internally the church is a single space with bare brick walls and three glulam timber trusses supporting the boarded timber roof. The principal light comes from a glazed western gable, now concealed externally by the new hall building, and from top-lighting in the external stub towers, one of which contains the tabernacle. The fittings are mostly of the 1970s.

Heritage Details

Architect: Burles, Newton & Partners

Original Date: 1975

Conservation Area: No

Listed Grade: Not Listed