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Birkenhead – St Paul

Farmfield Drive, Beechwood, Prenton, Birkenhead, Wirral, Cheshire CH43

A small post-war church which forms an integral element of the local Catholic primary school. Whilst the interior is welcoming and attractive, the building is of limited architectural or historic interest.

The parish was created in 1978 to serve a large overspill housing area on the eastern edge  of  Birkenhead,  now  known  as  Beechwood.  Undated  plans  in  the  Diocesan archive  show  a  scheme  for  a  combined  school,  community  hall,  church  and presbytery contained within a square single storey building, designed by Weightman&Bullen.  The  scheme  for  the church  as  built  is  different,  but  can be attributed stylistically  to  the  same  architects.  The  school  was  built  first,  the  church  and presbytery were completed in late 1980, and a community room was added in 1982 in the space left between the church, presbytery and school hall.

St Paul’s is now run in conjunction with Our Lady (and Holy Cross), with a single priest.

The worship area is an attractive L-shaped space with two blocks of seating focussed on the sanctuary which is set at an angle. The roof over the sanctuary is raised so as to provide a band of clerestory glazing that casts light onto the altar and tabernacle. Panels of late-nineteenth century stained glass from another church have been incorporated within some of the vertical windows. Simple timber sanctuary furnishings and benches remain in use. Beside the porch is a children’s space with a fully glazed opening to the nave.

The  church  is  a  small  single  storey  building  clad  in  red  brick  with  flat  roofs  of differing heights and tall parapets. Narrow full-height windows punctuate the areas of brickwork and are emphasised by buttresses and cuts in the parapet line. The entrance is marked by a timber-clad bell tower and a vertical fin of brickwork bearing a crucifix.

Heritage Details


Original Date: 1980

Conservation Area: Yes

Listed Grade: Not Listed