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Birkenhead (Noctorum) – St Peter

St Peter’s Way, Noctorum, Birkenhead, Wirral CH43

A small post-war church by the prolific practice of Reynolds & Scott, of no special architectural or historic interest.

A new parish was created in 1967, covering the newly-developed estates at Ford and Noctorum. At first Mass was said at schools at each end of the parish, but in 1978 the parish was split, with a chapel (later to be replaced by a church) alongside St Paul’s School at Ford, and a church of St Peter at Noctorum. St Peter’s was opened in December 1975. More recently the parish has been merged with Holy Name, Oxton.


The church was designed by Reynolds & Scott and opened in 1975 at a cost of £50,000 excluding furnishings. It consists of a worship space, roughly square on plan, with a meeting room, two small sacristies and a narthex. The church seats 220 in the nave, with a further thirty in the meeting room, which is planned as an extension to the nave and can be divided off from it by a glazed screen. The seating is arranged on three sides of the sanctuary. In recent years all the windows, which were originally of timber, have been replaced in uPVC, including a large window wall to the rear of the meeting room

The building is faced externally in light  brown brick,  with  an exposed aggregate concrete block fascia and a slightly recessed frieze of smooth dark brown bricks. Contrasting stone walls enclose the narthex and the rear of the sanctuary and the roofs are covered in felt. The central part of the roof, which is supported on exposed timber beams, slopes up to a horizontal window, the principal light source. Vertical slit windows in the side wall illuminate the flat-roofed areas. The floor is covered in vinyl tiles, with the raised sanctuary carpeted. The pews are unfixed, and the altar and tabernacle are of green granite.

Heritage Details

Architect: Reynolds & Scott

Original Date: 1975

Conservation Area: No

Listed Grade: Not Listed