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Crosby – St Helen

Alexandra Road, Great Crosby, Liverpool 23

Functional building of the late 1960s by Weightman & Bullen, who built widely in the Archdiocese.

The parish was established in 1930 and a church built in neo-Romanesque style. This was located on the site of the present car park. It developed structural problems and was replaced by the present smaller church in 1968. The sacristy and presbytery date from 1930.

The  church  is  of  a  functional  design,  being  a  low,  steel  framed  and  flat-roofed structure with large areas of glazing. The facing material is mainly brick, laid in stretcher bond. Raised lighting over the sanctuary. Adjoining parish centre, being rebuilt at the time of the visit. Projecting entrance porch at the northeast corner.

The interior has not been inspected, but appears to consist of an open space with the altar placed on the diagonal axis with the porch, with the seating arranged around this.

Heritage Details


Original Date: 1968

Conservation Area: Yes

Listed Grade: Not Listed