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Manchester (Crumpsall) – St Anne

Crescent Road, Crumpsall, Manchester M8 1GR

One of several similar portal-framed post-war churches in the area designed by the Manchester architects Greenhalgh & Williams. It has some character and is externally little altered, forming a local landmark.

The population of Crumpsall expanded quickly from the early twentieth century, and a parish was erected in 1917. A Regency house was acquired by Fr William Aspinall, to serve as a presbytery and temporary chapel. Alongside this, in 1921 a prefabricated asbestos church was built, seating 350 people and costing £2,828.

A new presbytery was built in 1927, and the 1921 church replaced by the present church and presbytery, built from designs by Greenhalgh & Williams in 1956-7. A reordering took place, probably in the 1960s or 70s, when the sanctuary was rearranged and a forward altar introduced. The church was consecrated on 26 July 1975.

A large parish hall was added at the rear of the church in 1967-8, from designs by Greenhalgh & Williams.


All orientations given are liturgical. The basic structure is of pre-cast reinforced concrete portal frames, exposed inside, and brick. There is a near-detached southwest tower with openwork top beneath a pitched roof, and wavy concrete canopy over the west entrance. A low, projecting Lady Chapel is attached on the north side towards the east end.

Inside, there is a narthex and west gallery. The nave is lit by a tall narrow west window reaching up to the eaves and by vertical slit side windows with pale stained glass showing sacred symbols. Stained glass with blue panels with lettering is fitted to the northeast windows lighting the sanctuary. At the east end there is a possibly original crucifix beneath a high canopy, a forward altar and font. The bench seating is original. The Lady Chapel forms a contrastingly intimate space, lit by small rectangular windows angled towards the altar.

Heritage Details

Architect: Greenhalgh & Williams

Original Date: 1958

Conservation Area: No

Listed Grade: Not Listed