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Formby – St Jerome

Greenloons Drive, Formby, Liverpool 37

A relatively  modest example of the prolific practice of Weightman & Bullen, square on plan under a pyramidal roof. The dramatically expressed steel stanchions give the exterior a certain presence, and the interior is a pleasant, well-lit space designed to meet the requirements of the post-Vatican II liturgy.

The parish was erected in 1968. The first parish priest was the Revd D.G. Bullen, who employed the services of his brother in the Liverpool firm of Weightman & Bullen. The church is square on plan, with a pyramidal steel frame, the stanchions of which are dramatically expressed as ‘flying buttresses’ as they rise from their concrete pads. These and the perimeter eaves are painted ruby red. There is a continuous strip of clerestory glazing around the perimeter under the eaves, and over this a pyramidal roof clad in clay tiles, with large skylights on the south and east slopes.

The church is entered through a simple brick porch projecting from the south side. The interior is a single space, with the seating arranged on three sides around the altar dais, which is located along the east wall. A downstand with shutters provides filtered light over the altar. The laminated pine pews and most of the other furnishings appear to be original.

Heritage Details

Architect: Weightman & Bullen

Original Date: 1968

Conservation Area: No

Listed Grade: Not Listed