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Frodsham – St Luke

High Street, Frodsham, Cheshire WA6

An imaginative design of 1980, displaying good massing and planning. The exterior, with a loggia below and tower motif above, is highly distinctive. The interior of the church exhibits clever manipulation of light and space.

A chapel was opened in Frodsham in 1949. The parish came under the care of the Conventual Franciscans in 1964. A new church and parish centre opened in 1981, built from designs by the Liverpool architect Douglas C. Wall. The parish reverted to the diocese in 1985.

Inside, an exposed cambered concrete beam divides the seating from the sanctuary and flanking chapels. The latter areas are top-lit, the sanctuary additionally by a side- light and the chapels with small blocks of bright coloured glass arranged vertically. The  stepped  south  side  gains  light  from  vertical  slit  windows,  and  there  is  top- lighting towards the centre of the nave filtering through a slatted timber ceiling. On the north side a tiered gallery, perhaps for a choir, has seating facing south.

The combination of strong forms, and the mixture of traditional and modern motifs, with a characterful interior, makes the building distinctive.

Heritage Details

Architect: Douglas C. Wall

Original Date: 1981

Conservation Area: Yes

Listed Grade: Not Listed