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Hadleigh – St Thomas More

High Street, Hadleigh, Essex SS7

A bold, simple and economical modern design by the Essex architect Kenneth Cheeseman, who also designed the stained glass.

The first temporary church opened in 1952 and the second in 1956. The present church, built from the designs of the Essex architect Kenneth Cheeseman, opened on 14 December 1982. The church is served from Benfleet.


A bold, simple and economical modern design. Between end walls of buff brick is a concrete frame supporting an overall monopitch roof. The long east front between the end walls is pebbledashed, with a strip clerestory with copper facing above. The full length of the west wall abuts the earlier parish hall. The church roof is covered in concrete tiles. Attached to the north end wall is a single storey bow-ended pebbledashed baptistery projection with the entrance porch behind it.

The interior is equally boldly treated, with the concrete frame exposed.  The walls are plastered, the underside of the roof is boarded. Along the west side is a low top-lit aisle divided from the main space by piloti. The original bench seating is arranged facing the altar in the middle of the long east wall. Large rectangular windows at each end  of  this  wall  and  the  whole  of  the  clerestory  are  filled  with  stained  glass, apparently designed by the architect.

Heritage Details

Architect: Kenneth Cheeseman

Original Date: 1982

Conservation Area: No

Listed Grade: Not Listed