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Hampton-on-Thames – St Theodore of Canterbury

Station Road, Hampton-on-Thames, Middlesex TW12

A modern church built to a tight budget and of limited architectural interest. Nonetheless the interior is thoughtfully designed and is a welcoming and appealing worship space. The architect was Austin Winkley, whose practice had earlier designed the church of St Margaret’s, near Twickenham.

The first church on the site was no more than a second-hand hut which had done duty during the First World War. It stood on what is now the parking area to the east of the presbytery, which occupies two brick-built Victorian houses. The present church was opened in 1987, a parish centre in 2002, and a link was formed between the two in 2008.


The church, rectangular in plan (long axis, north-south), is faced with buff bricks and sits under a large roof which sweeps down to within about nine feet of the ground. On the south side this roof is broken by a flattened triangular dormer window. On the east there is a large rectangular dormer from the top of which a monopitch roof sweeps down on the west face of the building. There are no windows at ground level other than two slits on the west, a small, nearly square opening on the east, and a five-pane window near the entrance, on the same side. The roofing material appears to be artificial slate.

Inside, the centre of the church is defined by four, deep, steel RSJs. These rest on two freestanding columns at the north end; the columns on the south are in line with the partition wall to the entrance lobby and the sacristy. The walls are plastered and the underside of the roof carries longitudinal boarding. In the centre of the building, above the RSJs, is a rather bewildering display of wooden joists and struts, stained a strong blue/turquoise colour. The altar and a confessional are placed in the northwest corner of the building.

Fittings include simple wooden furnishings by David John. Seating is on chairs ranged on two sides of the building.

Heritage Details

Architect: Austin Winkley

Original Date: 1987

Conservation Area: Yes

Listed Grade: Not Listed