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Haughton Green – St John Fisher

Mancunian Road, Haughton Green M34

A design of the 1980s with a dignified well-lit interior, superseding a dual-purpose church and hall of the 1960s. The square plan with continuous clerestory and pyramidal roof was a form widely adopted for Catholic churches in the 1980s.  

Haughton Green was little more than a hamlet which retained a village atmosphere into the twentieth century. A housing estate with a mixture of high- and low-rise dwellings was built in the 1960s. The parish hall, which was designed to accommodate 400 people, was erected to serve the new community in 1968-9. It initially acted as a combined hall, social centre and church and was fitted with sliding screens to separate the spaces as required. Provision of a separate church and a presbytery followed in later years and the church was consecrated in 1983.


All orientations given are liturgical. The complex is clad in pale brown brick with a red trim. It consists of a central church with a recessed clerestory and hipped roof with a circular window in the front elevation. On one side an attached presbytery takes traditional domestic form. On the other there is a low parish hall with a flat roof and clerestory lighting which shares its entrance with the church. Inside the clerestory extends around three sides of the worship space, creating transparency and contributing to a bright, airy atmosphere. The east end and ceiling are plastered, the walls are otherwise of exposed brick. A circular west window in greens and blues has a cross motif against a flowing pattern of lenticular shapes. There is a green marble altar, a plain reredos with a Crucifix, and a timber ambo and font.

Heritage Details

Architect: Desmond Williams & Associates (parish hall)

Original Date: 1983

Conservation Area: No

Listed Grade: Not Listed