Building » Immingham – Our Lady Star of the Sea

Immingham – Our Lady Star of the Sea

Allerton Drive, Immingham, Lincolnshire DN40

A modern, utilitarian design which appears to have been designed as a parish hall.

Immingham is of medieval origin, and is from where in 1608 the Pilgrim Fathers left for Holland. However, its present character is modern and industrial, stemming from the  growth  of the dock from  the  early  20th  century  onwards.    According  to  the Diocesan Yearbook, the parish dates from 1965. The present parish priest says that the church was built by Fr Murray, parish priest from 1968-93. It serves a modern area  of  housing.  The  church  has  all  the  appearances  of  a  parish  hall,  intended possibly as the first phase of a complex of church, presbytery and hall.

A flat-roofed modern building with brick cladding, lit by a horizontal clerestory and slim vertical windows. There is a lower porch to the right with recessed entrance, alongside  which  is  fixed  a  concrete  torso  sculpture  of  the  Crucified  Christ.  The interior is utilitarian in character, with no furnishings of particular note. It has a raised stage at one end; this was formerly the sanctuary, but the altar has now been brought down into the main body of the church.

Heritage Details

Architect: Not established

Original Date: 1970

Conservation Area: Yes

Listed Grade: Not Listed