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Jaywick – All Saints

Union Road, Jaywick, Essex CO15

A utilitarian modern design and companion church to the similar All Souls, Holland-on-Sea, containing some furnishings formerly in Brentwood Cathedral .

On the western edge of Clacton-on-Sea, Jaywick grew from the 1930s as a cheap holiday retreat for Londoners. What were intended as temporary residences have in many cases become permanent. East Jaywick was recently named as the most deprived area in England.

The church of All Saints was built in 1973, and is served from Our Lady of Light, Clacton. The architects have not been identified, but the church would appear to be one of many designs in the Diocese by Burles, Newton & Partners. The design is similar to that of its companion church of All Souls, Holland-on-Sea, which is also served from Clacton. The church contains fittings formerly at the Cathedral, which was extended at about the same time by Burles, Newton & Partners.


The church has a somewhat fortress-like appearance, not least on account of the protection over the windows. It is a utilitarian design, L-shaped on plan, with the main worship space almost square on plan, and a parish hall/overspill area at right angles to one side, separated by folding doors. The exterior is faced in red brick laid in stretcher bond, with a stained boarded fascia and a shallow monopitch roof.

The church is entered via a more recent addition incorporating an accessible WC. The main worship space is a single volume, with timber cladding to the walls, and coloured glass panels on the rear wall. The only furnishings of note are the tabernacle and the wall-mounted crucifix behind the altar, brought here from St Helen’s Cathedral.

Heritage Details

Architect: Burles, Newton & Partners (unconfirmed)

Original Date: 1973

Conservation Area: No

Listed Grade: Not Listed