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Little Hulton – Lancashire Martyrs

Hallstead Avenue, Little Hulton, Worsley, Manchester M38

A modest church-cum-hall of the early 1960s.

Little Hulton was an isolated settlement prior to expansion with the growth of industry in the nineteenth century. It became part of Salford in 1974 and this part of the area was built up with housing estates. The building was erected as a combined church and hall with presbytery in 1962 to serve the local housing estate. The original proposals provided for a separate church on the site, but this was never realised. Originally following the usual pattern, whereby the sanctuary could be screened off by shutters, the building has been reconfigured inside in the late twentieth century. The area has been subdivided into church and hall by a partition and suspended ceilings introduced. The church part has been re-orientated so that the original raised sanctuary now acts as a gallery. A low dais now forms the sanctuary.


The building is of rectangular plan and portal frame construction, with brick cladding and concrete infill. The roof is covered in artificial tiles. Each bay is glazed in the upper part of the frame with a pattern of staggered square patterns. There is a brick porch with WCs at one end which leads into the parish hall. Both main rooms have suspended ceilings and parquet floors. Doors lead from the hall to the worship area, which has a gallery at the liturgical west end and a dais at the liturgical east end, with simple timber furnishings probably of late twentieth century date. There is an ironwork screen of unknown provenance with texts upon it along the front of the gallery. There is some bench seating in the gallery and chairs below.

Heritage Details

Architect: Arthur Farebrother & Partners

Original Date: 1962

Conservation Area: No

Listed Grade: Not Listed