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Milford – St Joseph

Portsmouth Road, Milford

A decent building, appreciated by its congregation, but not one of any great architectural merit.

The church was designed by one of the partners of Henry Bingham Towner’s firm. It is built in yellow/brown brick with a low-pitched roof covered in felt. The main elevation is the one to the north looking across the car park to the Portsmouth Road. The dominant feature here is the north-west tower with its crucifix and open belfry.

Entrance to the church is via a door at the base of this tower leading into a small narthex with a choir gallery on the upper floor. The worship area is wider from north to south than it is from east to west, and the seating arranged is arranged in three blocks, one to the north, one to the south and one to the west. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this church is the way it is lit. There are concealed windows to either side of the altar, floor to ceiling glass in the north wall next to the choir gallery, clerestory windows in the west wall of the south aisle, and three large windows, one with stained glass, in the west wall.  This said, however, it is difficult to claim any more for this interior than that it is pleasant and serviceable.

Heritage Details

Architect: H. Bingham Towner & Partners

Original Date: 1969

Conservation Area: Yes

Listed Grade: Not Listed