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Wythenshawe – St Hilda and St Aidan

Kenworthy Lane, Northenden, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 4EF

A design and build project which is nevertheless an attractive design, with the interior spaces handled well.

In 1901, Ziba Armitage Ward of Cringlewood built a church at his own expense, which he offered to the Anglican Diocese of Chester. When this was declined he put the church up for sale, and it was acquired for Catholic use.

With some adaptations (such as the removal of the rood screen and pulpit) this served until 1968-70, when a new design and build church dedicated to St Hilda was built by Lanner of Wakefield.

Since 2006 the parish has been merged with that of St Aidan.


The building is clad in brick with a tile roof and takes the form of two pyramidal half-octagons of unequal size joined at the roof by a narrow clerestory. Inside there is a generous narthex giving to the main space. The exposed roof structure with cranked laminated beams creates a memorable effect, heightened by the clerestory lighting. Recessed chapels and a baptistery are disposed around the sides of the octagon. The furnishings are of simple modern type, glass is mainly plain with some coloured lights and there is a painting of St Hilda of 1980 by S. J. Proudlove in the baptistery.

Heritage Details

Architect: Lanner Ltd of Wakefield

Original Date: 1970

Conservation Area: No

Listed Grade: Not Listed