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Okehampton – St Boniface

Station Road, Okehampton, Devon

A scheme for an ambitious church with southwest tower was not realised, and the church as built is a modest flat-roofed adjunct to an attractive interwar presbytery, which makes a positive contribution to the local conservation area.

The first Catholic church in Okehampton was a corrugated iron building opened in 1906.  A site for a new church and presbytery was purchased in June 1920 and a design was prepared for the new buildings (an unsigned perspective drawing survives in the Diocesan archives).  In the event, only the presbytery was built, slightly adapted from the illustrated design to provide a small church space at the rear of the building.

The church consists of a small single storey addition to the rear of the stone-built presbytery, partly flat roofed and partly with a pitched roof. 

Heritage Details

Architect: Not established

Original Date: 1920

Conservation Area: Yes

Listed Grade: Not Listed