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Rossett – Christ the King

Holy Road, Rossett, LL12 0HB

An unprepossessing precast concrete building built in 1969 to serve a small Catholic community.

A Mass Centre was established in Rossett in the late 1930s. During World War II Mass had been celebrated in a Nissen hut on the army camp. This continued until the camp closed in July 1958, after which Mass was said first in the upper floor of a house, then in a converted stable and a later in a hut which had formerly been used as a shop. The priest’s initiative in converting the stable received attention in the local press for it had been achieved by the parishioners in a week at a total cost of 8s 12p. In April 1969 work started on a new church, which opened six months later. The look of the building does not suggest the involvement of an architect, but the Catholic Building Review (1969) names Wilfred Thomason.


This is a very basic building of a somewhat temporary nature. It is a precast concrete structure with exposed aggregate concrete panels and a concrete-tiled shallow pitched roof. The windows have been replaced in uPVC, and the walls and ceiling have been lined inside. It is rectangular in plan measuring 15m x 7.5m. The east end has a small raised dais with altar, ambo and tabernacle, and the pews and font were brought from another church.

Heritage Details

Architect: W. Thomason

Original Date: 1969

Conservation Area: No

Listed Grade: Not Listed