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Skegness – Sacred Heart

Grosvenor Road, Skegness, Lincolnshire

A  simple  functional  design  of  1950,  of  no  special  architectural  or historical interest.

The first Catholic church in Skegness was built in 1898. This survives as the church hall on the corner of Cavendish Road. Plans for a new church in the 1930s were delayed first by war and then by delays in obtaining building licences. Finally in December 1949 the foundation stone of the present church by Reynolds & Scott was laid by Bishop Ellis, who returned to open the completed church on 30 July 1950.

The  altar  faces  north  but  for  the  purposes  of  this  description  all  references  to compass points will assume a conventional eastward facing altar. Brown brick, Welsh slate roof, a simple elongated rectangle with gable end to the street, presbytery attached to the south and terraced houses built close to the north side. As far as there can be said to be any recognisable style it is the Romanesque or Byzantine details of the west front; clasping buttresses and a triplet of windows with simple block capitals over  the  entrance.  Similarly  detailed  niche  above  with  statue  of  Our  Lord  on  a moulded corbel. The side windows are mostly plain large rectangular openings, now with UPVC glazing. The interior is a large plain space with pilasters or a wall thickening  dividing  the  walls  into  bays  and  supporting  beams  with  a  slight downstand. Flat ceiling with acoustic panels. Semi-circular arch to the slightly recessed sanctuary. The reconstituted travertine marble altar rails, altar and pulpit have a slightly Art Deco appearance and are original. Two high level windows on the south side have coloured glass in a sun ray pattern redolent of the 1950s whilst other windows have coloured glass added within the last ten years. Stone font with faceted bowl on a square base, erected in memory of Fr Croucher who died in 1947.

Heritage Details


Original Date: 1950

Conservation Area: Yes

Listed Grade: Not Listed