Building » Thornaby – Christ the King

Thornaby – Christ the King

Trenchard Avenue, Stockton on Tees, North Yorkshire

The church, one of many by F.B. Swainston for the diocese, is part of a parish complex which brings liturgical and non-liturgical functions as well as the priest’s accommodation into a unified whole. The result is functional but does not result in any particularly striking architecture. The most notable fixture is the large stained glass window.

The church is oriented south-west so the directions given here are liturgical unless otherwise stated.

The church is an integral part of a church/parish centre/presbytery complex and occupies its (geographic) northeast part. The whole presents the viewer with a series of angular blocks with sheer walls but with the church rising higher than the adjacent parish centre. The buildings are faced with pale beige bricks laid in stretcher bond (though the top six courses on the church are laid soldier-wise). The main worship space is square on plan except for the corner opposite the altar which is chamfered off and filled with top to bottom glazing (wooden frames replaced with UPVC) and a small step on the south side again filled with glazing). The roof is flat and hidden behind a brick parapet. There is also large chapel behind the altar.

Inside the church is faced with beige brick laid in English bond. The altar is positioned diagonally across the (geographic) southwest corner. The ceiling is flat and boarded with timber.  Adjacent to the altar is a fine semi-abstract stained glass window stretching from floor to ceiling. It has rich colours and is signed  ‘A F. PA PH’ and dated 1978: it contains the words ‘CHRISTUS REX’ and emblems of the vine, a chalice, ears of wheat and a fish swimming in water. 

Heritage Details

Architect: F. B. Swainston

Original Date: 1968

Conservation Area: Yes

Listed Grade: Not Listed