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Tiverton – St James

Old Road, Tiverton, Devon

The first Catholic church in Tiverton dates from 1836, and is of considerable interest. That however has now closed. St James’s is a functional 1960s building of little architectural interest. 

Until recently there were two Catholic Churches in Tiverton.St John’swas built in 1836 and as such is one of the oldest Catholic churches inDevon. It was built from designs by the local architect G.A. Boyce, on land given by theChichesterfamily ofCalverleigh Court. That church, which along with the adjoining presbytery is listed grade II, is now closed and at the time of writing awaits conversion to a new use. St James’s church dates from 1967 and was originally built as a social centre. It was later renovated and reordered to serve as a church.  

The church is essentially a 1960s industrial shed, of which one half is the church hall and the other half the church itself.  The building is rectangular and has a steel frame.  The end walls are clad with brick, the side walls are concrete panels with a continuous strip of timber windows. The long pitched roof is covered with corrugated asbestos sheet.


The church is entered through the hall.  The worship space is orientated across the axis of the building with the altar on one of the long sides.  The floor is covered with linoleum tiles, the ceiling with acoustic tiles; all the windows are clear-glazed.

Heritage Details

Architect: Not established

Original Date: 1967

Conservation Area: Yes

Listed Grade: Not Listed