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Wargrave – Our Lady of Peace

Braybrooke Road, off Henley Road, Wargrave, Berkshire

This is a small church, constructed cheaply but not without some care to the design. The prominent, over-arching, inverted V-shaped roof was very popular at the time (cf. St Joseph, Bracknell [1961-2]) as was the use of laminated timber framing (cf. St Elizabeth, Cookham [1963] and St Mark, Dedworth Windsor [1968]). The building therefore represents a typical, modest example of 1960s Catholic church-building which meets local needs with an effective, economical building.

The present building was preceded by the use of a boathouse at the house of Mr George Belton for Sunday Mass. In the early 1960s an orchard was acquired for £4,000 and the parishioners, who included an architect and an engineer (Captain Bailey) among their number, arranged to build a new church. It cost £6,000 and was opened in 1963 (see date stone in south wall inside) to accommodate 100 people. The architect was a Mr Berry and the builder Easterling of Wargrave. A porch was added in 1970. The church is served from Twyford.


A single-cell church with a western porch. It is dominated both outside and within by the large, artificial-tiled, inverted V-shaped roof. The side walls are low and built of light brown bricks. The lighting is almost entirely provided by the nine-light, plain mullioned window that almost fills the west gable. The western porch has a brick centre part with glazed timber structures either side (partly replaced in plastic).

The nave has three bays divided by laminated timber trusses. The low side-walls are faced with white brick as is the east end of the building. The ceiling consists of tongue-and-grooved boards laid horizontally. The sanctuary is canted in with a sacristy (south) and a kitchen-cum-store (north) on either side. In the east wall is a long, narrow window with brightly-coloured abstract glass. Victorian Gothic furnishings have been reused for the benches, altar and reredos.

Heritage Details

Architect: Mr Berry

Original Date: 1963

Conservation Area: No

Listed Grade: Not Listed