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Wembley Park – English Martyrs

Chalkhill Road, Wembley Park, Middlesex HA9

A circular design of 1971, in which striking use is made of the timber portal frame to give character to the interior.

Land in Barnhill Road was purchased by the diocese in 1930 and a temporary wooden church built, served from Dollis Hill until 1937, when a separate parish was erected.  In 1963, a design for a new and larger church was obtained from Wilfrid Mangan, but the land required for the expansion was acquired by the borough council, which offered a new site in Blackbird Hill. Mangan relinquished the commission because of ill-health and an entirely new design for a circular church with a flat-roofed presbytery and hall attached was prepared by B. D. Kaye. The contractors were J. Murphy & Sons.


The church is circular on plan with virtually windowless outer walls of brown brick. Behind the plain parapet of the outer wall rises the copper-covered roof whose ribs rise to form a central corona. The lower slope of the roof is pierced with window openings forming a continuous clerestory. Internally, the outer walls are barefaced brick. There is an outer ambulatory with a flat ceiling and the central worship space is defined by the glulam timber trusses which rise directly from the floor. The clerestory openings between the trusses are filled with coloured fibreglass windows depicting English Martyrs, by Carmel Cauchi. The sanctuary raised on a dais set against a plain brick wall opposite the entrance, with simple modern fittings.  The altar is flanked by a carved relief figure of Our Lady by Carmel Cauchi and another relief of the martyrs.

Heritage Details

Architect: Sterrett & Kaye

Original Date: 1971

Conservation Area: No

Listed Grade: Not Listed