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Widnes – St Basil

Hough Green Road, Widnes WA8

A well-designed modern church, attractive and welcoming in character, and  flexible  in  use.  Whilst  not  listable,  the  church  is  a  significant building in an otherwise undistinguished residential area.

A suburban church, built in a new housing area on the outskirts of Liverpool in 1968.

St Basil’s is an attractive modern church of purple brick with a shallow pantile roof. On three sides the roof is raised above a continuous clerestory. At one corner of the building is an angled fin that acts as a bell housing. The presbytery is attached to the church by a link block containing the sacristy. On the east wall of the church is a relief sculpture in bronze depicting the apostles.

The interior walls of the church  are faced in a paler  brick, and  the ceiling  is  of boarded timber. Three banks of pews are set out in an angled arrangement around a central raised sanctuary, and the worship space can be enlarged by using the hall which opens onto the sanctuary on the (liturgical) south side. The fittings and furnishings are original to the church and designed by the architect.

Heritage Details

Architect: R. O’Mahony and Partners

Original Date: 1968

Conservation Area: Yes

Listed Grade: Not Listed