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Winchester – St Stephen

Oliver’s Battery Road North, Stanmore, Winchester, Hampshire

An octagonal design, designed to meet the need for a church in the suburbs of Winchester. Its plan form maximises the space available for worship and gives high visibility, and is typical of a strand of Catholic church design in the years after the Second Vatican Council. 

The church was built in 1969 at a cost of £32,000, to designs by Alan Stewart. It was and still is served from St Peter, Winchester.


The church is octagonal and built of red-brown bricks of varying hue. There is an octagonal entrance porch-cum-sacristy at the front and a polygonal-shaped hall at the rear. The roof is a brownish metal alloy and has a plain spirelet at the centre. Each face of the octagon has a clerestory formed of two banks of five-light windows filled with coloured glass in abstract patterns. At the front is the flat-roofed former main entrance under a stepped gable. The present entrance is through a vestibule shared with the school. The interior walls are bare, light red brick. The flooring is of wood blocks laid in a herringbone fashion and the stone altar stands on a single-step, octagonal dais towards the entrance end.

Entry amended by AHP 1.1.2021

Heritage Details

Architect: Alan Stewart

Original Date: 1969

Conservation Area: No

Listed Grade: Not Listed