Building » Great Wyrley – St Thomas More

Great Wyrley – St Thomas More

Hut Hill Lane, Great Wyrley, Staffordshire WS6

A plain modern building which doubles as a hall for use by the local community and neighbouring school.

Mass was initially celebrated in the Working Men’s Institute on Walsall Road. The Rev. Charles Friel bought land on Hut Lane for a church and school, and the buildings were completed in 1973. Unfortunately he died before the project reached fruition and the work was carried forward by the Rev. David Duggan. Financial constraints meant that a church hall, rather than the projected church was built. The facility has been used by the school and the local community for a variety of purposes since that time.

The building is of simple lightweight construction, of rectangular plan and single storey with brick cladding and replacement windows and panels of late twentieth century date. It consists of a large open hall approached from the entrance via a lobby with WCs. The hall has a low dais at one end with simple modern lectern and altar. There are relief Stations of the Cross, probably of mid- or late twentieth century date. Seating is provided by modern stackable chairs.

Heritage Details

Architect: Not established

Original Date: 1973

Conservation Area: No

Listed Grade: Not Listed