Hexham and Newcastle

The Diocese of Hexham was founded on 29 September 1850, becoming the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle in 1861. Today it covers the counties of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham, and the part of Cleveland north of the River Tees. The cathedral is in Newcastle, and is dedicated to St Mary. 179 churches were visited for Taking Stock (2012).

Darlington – Holy Family

A red brick church of 1960 of traditional plan, with a plain exterior and a pleasing simple, light interior. Holy... Read More

Darlington – St Anne

A 1950s brick-built church for a housing estate. It has clean, simple lines and a light, welcoming interior but is not... Read More

Darlington – St Augustine

One of the oldest Catholic churches in the diocese still in use for regular worship; largely concealed behind the... Read More

Darlington – St Teresa

A brick-built church of 1970 with an interesting plan and architectural geometry. It displays its architect’s moving... Read More

Darlington – St Thomas Aquinas

A 1920s suburban, red brick church in a sub-Gothic style, which has been much altered.  The church was built in... Read More

Darlington – St William and St Francis de Sales

A large and impressive red-brick school-chapel of 1870-1, built as a memorial to Bishop Hogarth. It is of historical... Read More

Dipton – St Patrick

A large post-Vatican II church built on the longitudinal foundations of the predecessor church but with a centralised... Read More

Dunston – St Philip Neri

An unusual design, probably originally built in about 1905 as a timber-framed temporary church, which was re-clad with... Read More

Durham – Our Lady of Mercy and St Godric

The church is dramatically positioned on a raised site close to Durham city centre, and its design takes full advantage... Read More

Durham – St Cuthbert

One of the oldest Catholic churches in the diocese still in use for regular worship. The building slightly predates... Read More

Durham – St Joseph

A large church built at about the time of the Second Vatican Council, still traditional in plan form but well executed... Read More

Easington Colliery – Our Lady

A modern combined church and hall, replacing two earlier churches on different sites. Of some architectural interest... Read More

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