The Diocese of Salford has 184 churches (as of 2014). The cathedral is in Salford and is dedicated to St John the Evangelist. The Diocese of Salford is a relatively small geographical area in the north west of England, extending to the north into Lancashire, west towards Liverpool, south towards northern Cheshire and east towards the Pennines.

Rochdale – St Patrick

A striking and effective design from the early 1960s by Desmond Williams & Associates. The robust interior is well-lit... Read More

Rochdale – St Vincent de Paul

A clear functional design of the 1970s, designed to place all the internal focus on the top-lit altar, which beneath... Read More

Royton – St Aidan and St Oswald

An imposing 1960s church of modern design, considerably altered both inside and out.  A mission was founded in... Read More

Sabden – St Mary

A modest but neat stone-built structure of 1937, adjoining a mid-nineteenth century house, and making a small but... Read More

Sacred Heart – Manchester

A design by the Reynolds & Scott partnership, moving into a slightly more ‘Gothic’ phase, with a striking west end... Read More

Salford – Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist

The cathedral church of the Diocese of Salford, and one of a small group of large, architecturally ambitious Catholic... Read More

Salford – Mother of God and St James

The church adopts a striking and simple design and is cleverly lit inside by clerestory and strip windows. It... Read More

Salford – Our Lady of Dolours

A building in a stripped Basilican Romanesque style, of unassuming external appearance but with a handsome interior.... Read More

Salford – St Joseph

A building of some presence in the local area, retaining some architectural character despite partial rebuilding after... Read More

Salford – St Luke

An interesting and fairly well preserved example from the first generation of churches built to accommodate the... Read More

Salford – St Sebastian

A fairly simple, well designed building, slotted into a site which retains older buildings of local historical... Read More

Salford – St Thomas of Canterbury

The church was built at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and is of some architectural quality, with... Read More

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