The Diocese of Salford was founded in 1850. It covers a relatively small geographical area in the north west of England, extending to the north into Lancashire, west towards Liverpool, south towards northern Cheshire and east towards the Pennines. The cathedral is in Salford, and is dedicated to St John the Evangelist. 184 churches were visited for Taking Stock (2014).

Westhoughton – Sacred Heart

The church was purpose-designed for the parish by Pozzoni Design Group and built in 1994-5. Although not of special... Read More

Whalley – English Martyrs

A modest structure, built as a temporary church-hall in 1926. The intention was to build a church in the west range of... Read More

Whitefield – St Bernadette

The Manchester architects Reynolds & Scott designed a large number of well detailed churches with simple, vaguely... Read More

Whitefield – St Michael

A modern (2000) functional design, housing a church and parish hall under one roof.In the 1950s Whitefield Urban... Read More

Whitworth – St Anselm

A plain church designed by the first mission priest, Fr John Anselm Milward, and built using voluntary labour. A clock... Read More

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