The Diocese of Salford was founded in 1850. It covers a relatively small geographical area in the north west of England, extending to the north into Lancashire, west towards Liverpool, south towards northern Cheshire and east towards the Pennines. The cathedral is in Salford, and is dedicated to St John the Evangelist. 184 churches were visited for Taking Stock (2014).

Blackburn – Sacred Heart

A large brick Basilican Romanesque design by Norris & Reynolds, typical of many Catholic churches built in the... Read More

Blackburn – St Alban

An ambitious design in a free Decorated Gothic style by Edward Goldie. The church is the fourth on or near the site,... Read More

Blackburn – St Anne

A well-detailed church of the 1920s in Lombard Romanesque style. The building was significantly reduced in size after a... Read More

Blackburn – St John Vianney

A plain design of the early 1980s, not of architectural or historic interest.The parish was erected in 1959 and a... Read More

Blackburn – St Joseph

A well-designed church of the early 1980s, with contemporary presbytery and parish hall. The church interior is... Read More

Blackburn – St Mary and St John (Pleasington Priory)

The most architecturally ambitious pre-Catholic Emancipation church in the diocese, and a soaring early Gothic Revival... Read More

Blackburn – St Paul

A simple building of the late 1960s, designed as a church hall to serve a future complex, only realised in part. The... Read More

Blackburn – St Peter in Chains

A large basilican church of the 1950s, the unremarkable exterior of which belies an impressive interior dominated... Read More

Blackburn – St Teresa

A modest interwar building by Harold Greenhalgh, built as a chapel-of-ease to St Joseph’s, Blackburn. There are no... Read More

Bolton – St Edmund

One of the earliest surviving churches in the Bolton Deanery and an interesting and now relatively rare example of the... Read More

Bolton – St Patrick

Although small in scale, the church of St Patrick is a landmark within the area. It dates from 1861, and with its... Read More

Bolton – St Peter and St Paul

The church occupies the site of the first Catholic place of worship in Bolton. It was built in 1897 to the design of... Read More

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