The Diocese of Hallam has 73 churches (as of 2015). The cathedral is in Sheffield  and is dedicated to St Marie. The Diocese of Hallam was founded on 30 May 1980 and is the newest Catholic diocese in England. It incorporates parts formerly in the dioceses of Leeds and Nottingham and consists of the county of South Yorkshire, parts of the High Peak and Chesterfield districts of Derbyshire, and the district of Bassetlaw in Nottinghamshire. It is a suffragan diocese in the Province of Liverpool, and is subject to the Archdiocese of Liverpool.

Sheffield – Sacred Heart

A striking, monumental interwar design by C. M. Hadfield in modern Romanesque style, with Art Deco massing. High... Read More

Sheffield – Cathedral Church of St Marie

The Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Hallam, and the finest Gothic Revival Church in the City of Sheffield. The... Read More

Sheffield – Holy Family

A post-war dual-purpose suburban church and hall of utilitarian design. Arbourthorne was once a small rural... Read More

Sheffield – Our Lady of Lourdes

A large church built by Reynolds & Scott to serve a post-war housing estate, its design a modern interpretation of... Read More

Sheffield – St Anthony

A functional dual-purpose church and hall, built to serve a new post-war suburb from designs by Reynolds & Scott, the... Read More

Sheffield – St Catherine of Alexandria

A large and well-detailed Italian Romanesque design of the interwar period, well encapsulating the confidence and... Read More

Sheffield – St Charles Borromeo

An economical stone-built Gothic design of the 1870s and eighties, by local architects of note, with an attached... Read More

Sheffield – St Francis of Assisi

An impressive multipurpose church, hall and presbytery of the late 1980s, with a striking hexagonal form and interior... Read More

Sheffield – St Michael’s Cemetery Chapel

A cemetery chapel of 1877-8 by the notable Catholic architect Charles Hadfield, largely paid for a local donor, with... Read More

Sheffield – St Patrick

A stripped modern design rooted in historic forms, the apse and tapering tower serving as a local landmark. The... Read More

Sheffield – St Thomas More

A pioneering, but altered, multipurpose church of the late 1960s, embodying post-Vatican II ideas about church design... Read More

Sheffield – St Vincent

An attractive polygonal design of 2001, with a top-lit sanctuary. It is the successor to a George Goldie church built... Read More

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