Here is a complete listing of the churches of England and Wales that have been assessed under the 'Taking Stock' project.

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White City – Our Lady of Fatima

An early-mid 1960s church at the heart of a post-war social housing development. Designed in a stripped round-arched... Read More

Whitechapel – St Boniface (German church)

A post-war church, replacing a church by J. Young of 1875 destroyed in the Second World War. This is the fifth church... Read More

Whitefield – St Bernadette

The Manchester architects Reynolds & Scott designed a large number of well detailed churches with simple, vaguely... Read More

Whitefield- St Michael

A modern (2000) functional design, housing a church and parish hall under one roof. In the 1950s Whitefield Urban... Read More

Whitehaven – St Begh

A good example of E. W. Pugin’s work, built by the Benedictines, who made Whitehaven the centre of their West... Read More

Whitehaven – St Benedict

An interesting modern design of the 1970s. The church was built in 1975 on a new site to serve a modern suburb of... Read More

Whitehaven – St Gregory and St Patrick

A late nineteenth century dual-purpose school and chapel, built by the Benedictines to serve an area of poor housing,... Read More

Whitehaven – St Mary

A late example of ‚Äėmodern Gothic‚Äô, showing the stylistic influence of F. X. Velarde. The church was built in 1960... Read More

Whitley Bay – St Edward

A fine neo-Romanesque brick design of the 1920s by a notable Newcastle firm of architects. The scale and external... Read More

Whitnash – St Joseph

An inventive small modern church by Brian Rush, with sheer curving brick walls for external effect and an interior made... Read More

Whitstable – Our Lady Immaculate

A  red  brick  Edwardian  church  of  modest  architectural  interest,  but some historical interest in that... Read More

Whitstable – St Joseph (Chapel of Ease)

A  modest  and  functional  church  of  1964,  built  to  serve  a  developing suburb. The chapel was... Read More

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