The Diocese of Hallam was founded on 30 May 1980, and is the newest Catholic diocese in England. It incorporates parts formerly in the dioceses of Leeds and Nottingham and consists of the county of South Yorkshire, parts of the High Peak and Chesterfield districts of Derbyshire, and the district of Bassetlaw in Nottinghamshire. It is a suffragan diocese in the Province of Liverpool, and is subject to the Archdiocese of Liverpool. The cathedral is in Sheffield, and is dedicated to St Marie. 73 churches were visited for Taking Stock (2015).

Cudworth – St Mary Madgdalene

A plain design by John Rochford, notable above all for its David John furnishings.By the turn of the twentieth... Read More

Darton – St Teresa

A simple and economical red brick building built at a time of building restrictions soon after the Second World War, to... Read More

Deepcar – St Anne

A small stone-built church in fourteenth century Gothic style by Hadfield & Goldie. The exterior retains much of... Read More

Denaby Main – St Alban

A Gothic Revival design of the 1890s, built to serve a colliery community, and part of a large complex which includes a... Read More

Dinnington – St Joseph

An early twentieth century red brick church in Lombard Romanesque style, built for a mining community and significantly... Read More

Doncaster – Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St Mary Magdalen

A Gothic Revival church of the 1950s by Robert A. Ronchetti, very old-fashioned for its date but nonetheless a design... Read More

Doncaster – Our Lady of Perpetual Help

A good and little-altered church of the late 1950s. Longitudinal in plan and modern in its construction, the interior... Read More

Doncaster – Sacred Heart

A modest but dignified post-war suburban church, one of a number of economic designs built about this time by R. A.... Read More

Doncaster – St Paul

A suburban church of the early 1970s, square on plan with the interior arranged on the diagonal axis. The exterior is... Read More

Doncaster – St Peter-in-Chains

A large and striking design by J. H. Langtry-Langton, incorporating important furnishings by J. F. Bentley from the... Read More

Dronfield – Holy Spirit

A functional combined church and hall of the 1960s by John Rochford, somewhat altered but retaining a fine original... Read More

Edlington – St Mary

One of the newest churches in the diocese, of fairly traditional character, fit for purpose and with a light, welcoming... Read More

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