The Diocese of Portsmouth was founded in 1882, taking areas that were formerly part of the Diocese of Southwark. It encompasses the counties of Hampshire, Berkshire (south of the Thames), Oxfordshire (south of the Thames), Dorset (the Bournemouth area), the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands. The cathedral is in Portsmouth and is dedicated to St John the Evangelist. 116 churches were visited for Taking Stock (2007).

Southampton – St Boniface

One of several churches in the diocese by the Preston-based architect, Wilfrid Clarence Mangan. Mangan was an... Read More

Southampton – St Edmund

A good later Victorian town church of lofty proportions and well detailed, with high quality fittings. J. William Lunn... Read More

Southampton – St Joseph

Located in the heart of the old town, St Joseph’s is the first and mother Catholic church of Southampton, and a Pugin... Read More

Tadley – St Michael

A functional combined church and hall of the late 1950s, built primarily to serve the influx of Irish construction... Read More

Theale – St Luke

A late 1960s church by George Mathers, square on plan and with a central spirelet. The church was built as a satellite... Read More

Totton – St Theresa

A modest building, quite striking in the local context, with an Italian flavour. The church was clearly built to a... Read More

Wallingford – St John the Evangelist

The architectural and historic interest of this church lies principally in the late-eighteenth century façade, facing... Read More

Wantage – St John Vianney

A pleasant brick design of 1960, located in the Charlton Conservation Area. The church of St John Vianney was built by... Read More

Wargrave – Our Lady of Peace

This is a small church, constructed cheaply but not without some care to the design. The prominent, over-arching,... Read More

Waterlooville – Sacred Heart

A convent chapel of unusual plan form and neo-Byzantine design, by W. C. Mangan. Replaced by a new church in... Read More

Waterside – St Michael

A cheaply-built church, using the Lanner system popular for small churches in the 1950s and 60s. Of no particular... Read More

Winchester – St Peter

A large and impressive building by Frederick Arthur Walters (1849-1931), designed towards the end of his career.... Read More

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