The Diocese of Portsmouth has 116 churches (as of 2007). The cathedral is in Portsmouth and is dedicated to St John the Evangelist. The Diocese of Portsmouth encompasses the counties of Hampshire, Berkshire (south of the Thames), Oxfordshire (south of the Thames), Dorset (the Bournemouth area), the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands.

Tadley – St Michael

This is a functional building of the late 1950s with some sociological interest in reflecting the influx of Irish... Read More

Totland Bay – St Saviour

Church designed by the Preston-based architect, Wilfrid C. Mangan, who worked extensively in Portsmouth diocese. In... Read More

Totton – St Theresa

A modest building, quite striking in the local context, with an Italian flavour. The architect was W.C. Mangan, a... Read More

Ventnor – Our Lady and St Wilfrid

A fairly conventional mid-Victorian church, though not without merit. Such special interest as it had has been greatly... Read More

Wallingford – St John the Evangelist

The architectural and historic interest of this church lies principally in the late-eighteenth century fa├žade, facing... Read More

Wantage – St John Vianney

A competent design dating from 1960, located in the Charlton conservation area. The church of St John Vianney was... Read More

Waterlooville – Sacred Heart

The church is an interesting neo-Byzantine design, with an unusual plan form, by Wilfrid Mangan, a prolific Catholic... Read More

Waterside – St Michael

A cheaply built church, using the Lanner system popular for small churches in the 1950s and 60s. Of no particular... Read More

Winchester – St Peter

A large and impressive building by Frederick Arthur Walters (1849-1931), designed towards the end of his career. This... Read More

Winchester – St Stephen

The building is a relatively modest one, designed to meet the need for a church in the suburbs of Winchester. Its... Read More

Winchester (The Milner Hall) – St Peter

Consecrated on 5 December 1792, this building is of considerable importance on both religious and architectural... Read More

Windsor – Our Lady of Lourdes

This is a simple, functional building put up at low cost and having no heritage significance other than bearing... Read More

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