The Archdiocese of Southwark has 181 churches (as of 2009). The cathedral is in Southwark, London, and is dedicated to St George. The Diocese of Southwarkwas founded in 1850, being elevated to become an archdiocese in 1965. It encompasses the areas of the London Boroughs south of the River Thames, the whole county of Kent and the Medway unitary authority.

Carshalton Beeches – St Margaret of Scotland

A  1970s  church  built  on  the  site  of  a  1930s  temporary  church.    The design was apparently... Read More

Catford – Holy Cross

A small, plain Romanesque revival church by F.W. Tasker, very similar to his slightly earlier church of St Gertrude at... Read More

Charlton – Our Lady of Grace

A Neo-Romanesque church of 1905-1906 by the French architect Eugéne- Jacques Gervais, built for an Assumptionist... Read More

Chatham – St Michael the Archangel

A plain, yet powerful design of 1862-63 by Henry Clutton, Catholic convert  architect  of  the  Gothic  Revival,... Read More

Chatham – St Paulinus (Chapel of Ease)

Built in 1788 as a Methodist chapel, where John Wesley preached on several occasions, the building was sold in 1892 to... Read More

Chatham – The Sacred Heart

A small, functional chapel, built in 1949 as a dual-purpose church and parish hall, with a sanctuary capable of being... Read More

Cheam – St Christopher

The older part of St Christopher’s is a former school chapel of the 1860s, designed by a well-respected firm of... Read More

Chessington and Hook – St Catherine of Siena

A  modest  but  internally  attractive  post-Vatican  II  centrally-planned church, built by Lanner of... Read More

Chiselhurst – St Mary

A small church of 1853-54 by the Puginian architect William Wardell, notable above all for its associations with the... Read More

Chiselhurst – St Patrick

A former cinema of the 1930s, the building was converted in 1961 for use as a church. It retains the original... Read More

Clapham – Our Immaculate Lady of Victories

One  of  the  major  Victorian  churches  of  south  London;  a  Decorated Gothic ragstone church of about... Read More

Clapham Common – St Vincent de Paul

An Italianate design of 1906-07 by Claude Kelly. The intended western campanile was never built, but the church... Read More

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