The Archdiocese of Liverpool has 214 churches (as of 2007). The cathedral is  in Liverpool and dedicated to Christ the King. The Diocese of Liverpool was founded on 29 September 1850, and elevated to become an archdiocese on 28 October 1911. It consists of the county of Lancashire south of the Ribble, parts of Merseyside, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, and the Isle of Man. It is the Metropolitan diocese in Province of Liverpool.

Brindle – St Joseph

The church of St Joseph and its associated buildings are of high historical and architectural importance. The church is... Read More

Childwall – Christ the King

A fine modern church, designed by L. A. G. Prichard & Son, who were one of the most interesting designers of... Read More

Childwall Valley – St Paschal Baylon

A strongly individualistic building in the New Brutalist style, with some furnishings of note. The church was built as... Read More

Chorley – St Chad

St Chad's has grown accretively from its origins in 1791. The tower has some architectural quality and the earlier... Read More

Chorley – St Gregory

St Gregory’s is of historical importance as an early manifestation of revived open Catholic observance in the Chorley... Read More

Chorley – St Joseph

A competent lancet Gothic design by Matthew Honan, typical of the cheaper kind of church being built around the turn of... Read More

Chorley – St Mary

St Mary’s is a highly visible building which forms a local landmark. Despite the history of piecemeal building it... Read More

Churchtown – St Patrick

The building consists of two elements, the original early twentieth century church (now a hall) and a new church added... Read More

Clayton Green – St Bede

A good example of the modest Nonconformist type of Catholic chapel built in the early years of the nineteenth century.... Read More

Clinkham Wood – St Patrick

A confident exercise in Brutalist architecture built in 1963-4 and influenced by Gillespie Kidd and Coia’s St... Read More

Clubmoor – St Matthew

F. X. Velarde’s first church, designed when he was still in the office of Weightman & Bullen. The tall bell tower... Read More

Coppull – St Oswald

A good interwar neo-Byzantine design, in which massing and detail are well handled. The church was built to serve a... Read More

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