The Archdiocese of Leeds has 214 churches (as of 2007). The cathedral is in Liverpool and is dedicated to Christ the King. The Diocese of Liverpool was founded on 29 September 1850, and elevated to become an archdiocese on 28 October 1911. It consists of the county of Lancashire south of the Ribble, parts of Merseyside, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, and the Isle of Man. It is the Metropolitan diocese in Province of Liverpool.

Widnes – St Raphael the Archangel

A low cost portal frame building, given some architectural pretension by the addition of a box-like facade and tower.... Read More

Wigan – Sacred Heart

Brick church in modern Romanesque style, by the prolific Catholic architect W.C. Mangan. The architectural effect is... Read More

Wigan – St John

One of a pair of outstanding early 19th century Catholic churches in Wigan. A Jesuit church built in 1819 in a... Read More

Wigan – St Mary

One of a pair of outstanding early 19th century Catholic churches in Wigan. A secular church built in 1818, its Gothic... Read More

Wigan – St Patrick

Red brick Gothic church built for the incoming Irish community, with elaborate later furnishings. The Mission was... Read More

Willaston – St Joseph

Church built in the 1950s, of no special interest. An extensive programme of house building following the Second... Read More

Winstanley – St Aidan

Functional modern church of no discernible architectural interest. The church was built in 1972, serving the... Read More

Woodvale – St John Stone

The church is built to a fan-shaped plan providing for an intimate worship space within a broadly traditional external... Read More

Woolton – St Mary

 St Mary’s Church and its ancillary buildings form an attractive group at the heart of the Woolton Conservation... Read More

Worsley Mesnes – St Jude

Mid 1960s church by L.A.G. Prichard, with a fan shaped plan. While perhaps externally unprepossessing (although the... Read More

Wrightington – St Joseph

St Joseph is a large and striking building which represents a characterful late 19th  century design and a monument... Read More

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