The Archdiocese of Birmingham has 224 parishes, some with more than one church (as of 2015), with 263 churches visited in this review. The cathedral is in Birmingham and is dedicated to St Chad. The Diocese of Birmingham was founded on 29 September 1850. It covers parts or all of the counties of Oxfordshire and Berkshire (north of the River Thames), Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands and Worcestershire. It is the Metropolitan diocese in Province of Birmingham.

Brailes – St Peter and Paul

A building of national significance. Formed in 1726 within the upper space of a late medieval malt barn, the chapel... Read More

Brewood – St Mary

A church by A. W. Pugin which is largely unaltered externally and part of a group of buildings erected to Pugin’s... Read More

Brierley Hill – St Mary

A mid-Victorian brick church in a freely treated thirteenth century style, and a late work by E. W. Pugin. The best... Read More

Broadway – St Saviour

A small chapel of considerable historic interest. Originally built as a chapel for a Benedictine community around the... Read More

Bromsgrove – St Peter

A High Victorian church of some distinction by a well-known Catholic architect, in the manner of E. W. Pugin and... Read More

Brownhill – St Bernadette

A red-brick modern single-space church in a large green space that has some architectural presence towards the busy... Read More

Bulkington – Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

A modest 1869 brick church with stone detailing reminiscent of William Burges and with excellent stained glass by W.... Read More

Burford – St John Fisher and St Thomas More

A small church built in the 1950s with the help of Irish construction workers. It was reordered and extended in 2002-3,... Read More

Burntwood – St Joseph

This complex by John D. Holmes is typical of its time and decently constructed of modern materials, re-using the large... Read More

Burslem – St Joseph

An ambitious Italian Romanesque design of the 1920s by J. S. Brocklesby. Much of the interior decoration was carried... Read More

Burton-on-Trent – St Mary and St Modwen

A landmark brick building on the edge of the town centre, its tall tower topped by a short stone spire prominent along... Read More

Cannock – St Mary

A plain interwar basilican design by Sandy & Norris, with a simple, dignified interior, but not of special... Read More

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