The Diocese of Birmingham was created in 1850, becoming an Archdiocese in 1911. It is the Metropolitan diocese in the Province of Birmingham. The cathedral is in Birmingham and is dedicated to St Chad. The Archdiocese covers parts or all of the counties/administrative areas of Oxfordshire and Berkshire (north of the River Thames), Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands and Worcestershire. It has 224 parishes (as of 2015), some with more than one church; 263 churches were visited for Taking Stock.

Birmingham (Gravelly Hill) – St Mary and St John

A large interwar church with a wide and lofty interior, the striking post-war addition of a tall west bell tower by G.... Read More

Birmingham (Great Barr) – Holy Name of Jesus

A brick church of 1938, built from designs by E. Bower Norris to serve the expanding area of Great Barr. It is... Read More

Birmingham (Hall Green) – St Ambrose Barlow

A functional structure of 1981 by Lanner of Wakefield. In 1965 a Mass Centre was opened at the primary school in Lakey... Read More

Birmingham (Handsworth) – St Augustine of England

A neo-Romanesque design by G. B. Cox, completed just before the outbreak of the Second World War.  The interior is... Read More

Birmingham (Handsworth) – St Francis

A late nineteenth century church by A. J. C. Scoles in his favoured thirteenth century Gothic style. The exterior is... Read More

Birmingham (Harborne) – St Mary

A church building of two contrasting halves, separated by a hundred years: a compact, Gothic Revival building of 1877... Read More

Birmingham (Kings Heath) – St Dunstan

A distinctive and successful design of 1966-8, built to replace an earlier church adjacent (extant and now in... Read More

Birmingham (Kings Norton) – St Joseph and St Helen

A late Gothic Revival church built in 1933, to designs by G. B. Cox. The interior has high quality original and later... Read More

Birmingham (Kings Norton) – St Paul

A functional church of the 1970s, with an attractive, light-filled interior of laminated timber trusses. The parish... Read More

Birmingham (Kingshurst) – St Anthony

An economical but well-detailed church of the mid-1960s, designed to meet the emerging liturgical requirements of the... Read More

Birmingham (Kingshurst) – St John the Baptist

A utilitarian design of the 1990s, not of architectural or historical significance.  A social centre was opened... Read More

Birmingham (Kingstanding) – Christ the King

A functional building of the early 1960s, built to a traditional plan but using modern forms and materials, catering... Read More

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