The Diocese of Lancaster has 137 churches (as of 2005). The cathedral is in Lancaster and is dedicated to St Peter. The Diocese of Lancaster was founded on 22 November 1924. It consists of the historic counties of Lancashire north  of  the  Ribble  and  the counties of Cumberland and Westmoreland. It is a suffragan diocese in Province of Liverpool, and is subject to the Archdiocese of Liverpool.

Cockermouth – St Joseph

A modest chapel of the 1850s of no great architectural pretension but which makes a positive contribution to the... Read More

Coniston – Sacred Heart

A relatively unaltered mid-Victorian church by James O’Byrne, with a distinctive saddleback tower and, housing a... Read More

Cottam – St Andrew and Blessed George Haydock

Early post-Relief Act church with important local historical associations and with a good interior. The local... Read More

Dalton-in-Furness – Our Lady of the Rosary and St Margaret of Scotland

Early twentieth century church in simple lancet Gothic style, originally built for Anglican use. The parish at... Read More

Dodding Green – St Robert and St Alice

The building is primarily of significance as a rare example of a Catholic chapel incorporated into a private house... Read More

Egremont – St Mary

An interesting  post-war design in early Christian/Basilican style. Part of the Benedictine mission in West... Read More

Fernyhalgh – St Mary

An early post-Relief Act church built close to a significant local shrine, richly embellished by Fr Richard... Read More

Fleetwood – St Edmund of Canterbury

Post war church, not of special architectural or historic interest. Part  of  the  major  church  building... Read More

Fleetwood – St Mary

A church by E.W. Pugin which is a good example of a smaller church by this architect,  with  a  high  degree  of... Read More

Fleetwood – St Wulstan

St Wulstan is a brick church with some Byzantine touches, not unusual in of mid twentieth century Roman Catholic... Read More

Flookburgh – St Cuthbert

Not of special architectural or historic interest. Built in 1988, and served from Grange over Sands.The church is... Read More

Freckleton and Warton – Holy Family

Of some interest as a dual purpose building erected under the patronage of two prolific clerical builders, but not of... Read More

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